Mar 18th

Ladies End of Year Gear Review: Fav's Old & New

By Rita@HGM


Sometimes when we hunt in our South Texas winters - all you need is a sweater.  And in the fall a good pair of snake boots.


After years (like 30!) of suffering men sized ill fitting hunting sweaters-I could not believe my eyes when I walked into the Beretta USA - Dallas Gallery and saw this sweater!  Had to be wrong - but it was marked "ladies".  It was the Women's Techno WindGuard Half Zip with Washable Suede Sweater.  Still had to check it out in the dressing room to make sure it would fit and allow movement. 

Bingo!  It is long enough too with a little stretch - sometimes I hunt in equestrian jeans tucked in my boots.

The high soft suede neck helps keep the wind at bay.  It also has self wool
patches at the shoulders and elbows and comes in 3 colors.  Hand wash.

Turns out our last 2 day bird hunt in March was an unusual (remember- Texas) 26° with snow and ice and wind - this is where I was thrilled to have that windproof BWP barrier lining.  The slick lining also makes it super easy to get on and off over layers.   This sweater was a champion- even in December at deer camp.


This sweater is really gem.  Does it's job and is very good looking. 


We have snakes here in South Texas and I use my ladies tall
Chippewa snake boots primarily for dove hunts.  Occasionally, if it is cold enough and the terrain not too rough, I wear them to upland hunt. 

The above hunt was such a hunt, but I noticed I slipped in the snow a lot.  Then I realized these wonderful old comfortable boots were 28 years OLD!  I looked at the tread and it was worn, slick and hard as a rock. 


So with a new flexible soul put on - they are probably good for another 28 years. 
 I have seen plenty of snakes in my time, but lucky enough to see them first -so I haven't had to put my Chippewa's to the test.  But they give me Peace of Mind. 
And a pretty good value!

These days Chippewa has a much larger line, so go visit
Check out the Ladies Collection on-line at

Rita Schimpff

Oct 10th

Longleaf Plantation: Shooting in Style

By Rita@HGM

Here is a link to a blog post I did on our shooting trip to Longleaf Plantation in southern Mississippi.   

I would have posted it all here, except I am tech challenged how to copy & paste!
Sep 10th

BRING THE WILD INSIDE: Gamebirds & Feathers

By Rita@HGM



Gamebirds  are delicious and gorgeous, but
too often the beauty is thrown out or put in a man cave or garage!

Repurpose the Hunt
Save it, Eat it and Use it.

Taxidermy and Feathers can be an elegant home addition.

Use pheasant feathers in candle sticks in place of candles.


Take taxidermy to the dinner table to complete the theme, add a feather on the napkin.

wreath closeup.jpg224054150181906740_3ZQD5htz_b.jpgdrying pheasant.jpg

Eldena at Santa Ana Hunting Area (Texas) skinned some pheasants for me after our hunt and gave me instructions for tanning them.

I hope to make mine look like the hanging game shown here. One other I used whole in our Fall wreath, with  hen and cock tail feathers (and a turkey or two) with gold leafed antlers.


How about an old duck call on a lampshade, it is a good place to show off leg bands too.
Group your taxidermy on top of bookcases & cabinets with a little greenery, in the book shelf and top of the clock! 

My goal is to help bridge the gap between the shared
Hunter/non-Hunter Home

Share this with a non-hunter

It is so easy to bring home tail feathers, the cape might take a little more work or have your taxidermist do it while he is mounting one of your trophies.

If you would like to see more ideas go to my blog