Jan 17th

Birdhunter Battle of the Sexes: Day of Reckoning

By Ultimate Upland Lodge

Headed off to the desert to finally settle the score with Britney Starr from the WON. Along for the ride are the Franchi Instincts and a pile of Winchester Shells including the new TrAAcker.

The Nellis Skeet and Trap club is a hidden gem just a stone’s throw from the Vegas strip. It takes a little wrangling to get on the base, but it is a public course and the scenery just can’t be beat. On this bluebird day while we try and focus on breaking birds on the sporting clays course there are fighter jets of every breed swirling overhead. Warthogs, Strike Eagles, F16 and the USAF Thunderbirds taking practice runs make this round nearly an adrenaline overload.

It’s always a bit  tough to pull a new shotgun straight from the box and try to shoot proficiently. On this day we’re testing two new Franchi Instincts, one in 20 gauge and the other in 12, alternating guns and shooting order between stations. Luckily the Winchester TrAAcker shells can really assist with seeing your shot string since the colored wads act almost as a tracer round. Unfortunately TrAAcker are currently only available in 12 gauge, so the shooter of the 20 is flying blind.

This was more fun than a person should be allowed to have in a day and it will be tough to find a more memorable shoot.


Jan 11th

Birdhunter Battle of the Sexes

By Ultimate Upland Lodge

The gentle ribbing which started in the North Woods over Ruffed Grouse and Woodcock shooting in October extended through the ensuing months with Britney Starr. The taunting spilled over into 2013 and so we decided it’s time to put up or shut up.

This week at SHOT show we will be putting the feud to rest with a mid-week round of sporting clays. The kicker is we’ll be shooting guns that neither one of us has ever fired at a course we’ve never seen. There will be no custom fitted firearms, no home field advantage, no familiarity for use as a crutch.

Franchi has been generous enough to lend us two break action Instincts to help settle the dispute: theInstinct SL in 20 gauge and the color case hardened Instinct L in 12 gauge.

An initial coin flip will determine choice of shotgun or shooting order. Halfway through the round we will alternate guns since I shoot 20s during the season and Brit shoots 12s. At one station of the opponent’s choosing the shooter will be required to shoot opposite handed. Trash talking, interruptions and distractions are all highly encouraged. Whoever breaks the most clays wins.

The victor will award 100 rounds of newly released Winchester TrAAcker shells to a randomly selected female member of Ultimate Upland (if Britney wins) or a male member of Women’s Outdoor News (if I win). Be sure to sign up for the WON’s weekly newsletter or Ultimate Upland Lodge for a chance to be selected. And every day for a month the loser must tweet “(Winner’s name here) is my Birdhunting Hero”.

Stay tuned for pictures, videos and scores being shared in real-time from the course. And I’m sure the chatter will continue all week at SHOT since Britney just can’t help herself.